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Monday, October 29, 2012

Homemade baby food

I have 3 children and yet it has taken me the third one to FINALLY make my own homemade baby food.  I found that it is really easy to do and I love doing it.  I also LOVE the thought that I already have all this baby food stored in my freezer ready to go when I need it.  I LOVE LOVE the fact that I have saved money (well, saved my husband money) by making my own baby food.  For example, one head of cauliflower (yes, I said cauliflower) cost me $1.99.  One jar of baby food costs between $.60 to $1.00, so I was able to get about 12 jars out of one head of cauliflower!  
$.60 x 12 =  $7.20
 1 head of cauliflower $1.99
  $1.99 / 12 = $.17/jar
Savings = $5.21
Pretty incredible right?  That's just one scenario!  Now, I know you can't normally buy cauliflower as baby food at the stores, but it can be added to other vegetables, such as, broccoli and meats as he gets older.  

This is the book that I have been using.  I found it at the library and loved it SO much that I bought my own off of ebay!  Check it out!  I guarantee you will love it too!

My parents have a wonderful garden and they were nice enough to give me some of their homegrown butternut squash.  So, the savings with this is remarkable!  I am pretty much getting FREE baby food!  So, anytime someone wants to give you fresh veggies or fruit, take them and see if they can be pureed into baby food!  Fresh is best!!  

 For those of you who have NEVER made their own baby food before.  This is what you do:
1. Cut the squash in half.

 2. Spoon out the seeds.

 3. Turn the oven on to 350. 
4. Turn squash face down on cookie sheet.  I put foil down because I don't like to clean up any extra mess.

 5. After about an hour, this is what you get.  Sorry, it's a bad picture.  Clean out the squash and put into blender.  

 This is how much I was able to get from them.  Not too bad, huh?

No, this isn't the squash, it is pears!  I forgot to take a picture of the squash.  This is what it would look like though.

This is my little helper!  Along with the squash, I have done carrots, broccoli, summer squash, apples, pears, mangoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and green beans.

Well, I hope this will encourage some of you to make your own baby food!  Maison will be 6 months this week and I know most people say you should start solids around 6 months, but I am going to wait a little while.  What's the rush!!  One thing I do know is that my freezer is stocked up so when it is time I will be ready!  If you have any questions let me know or if already make your own baby food I would love to hear from you as well!


  1. I love homemade baby food! It really is easy and CHEAP! With our transition to the new house I bought some at the store just to get us through but that's almost gone so I'll be doing some homemade very soon. My dr said to start here at 5 1/2 months but honestly at 8 months she's just getting solids a time or so a day consistently. I did the same with my other kids too. I don't think there is a big rush either.

  2. Great tips! I always said I've do these with my babes and was just too lazy :)

    Thanks for linking up to my Sunday FUNday party!! XOOXXO
    And oh my heck!! THANKS for putting my button on you sidebar~! SO appreciated! Looking forward to following you!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  3. I really need to start doing this. So you don't have one of those fancy bullets or whatever else they sell to make the food? Do you just use a regular blender?

  4. popped over from mom's monday mingle- I make my own baby food too- it just makes sense. I'm a dietitian so having the control over the nutritional content of the food is the biggest plus in my mind! new follower!