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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

9 to 5 - never again!!

Well, this morning as I am sitting here typing and sipping on my coffee, I start to remember the days when I actually had to go to work for someone else.  Yuck!!  Those days of punching the time clock.  I am so glad that those days are behind me.  The only decision I have to make in the morning is which pair of sweatpants I should wear with which sweatshirt?  Oh, and whether I should wear my hair up or up?  Hmmm...decisions decisions!!  When I know I am going to be home all day I don't wear any makeup and no jewelry!  So, please call first before stopping over so I can throw some earrings in to make myself look a little more presentable!!  

I always joke with my friend Steph (sorry, but I have to talk about you today) and call her a Diva!!  I have NEVER seen her without makeup!  She is always beautiful and ready to go for whatever.  She is not only my good friend, but also my wardrobe consultant.  Yes, when you are my friend you have to wear multiple hats!!  I am very thankful for a stylish friend like Steph though!  She has slowly been helping me get out of the frumpy SAHM look.  I am sure you are wondering where this is going - me too!  

Oh yeah, coffee and sweatpants!!

I hope this gets everyone moving today!!

Halfway into my coffee I start to remember my Dad getting up really early when I was a kid to get to work (seemed like he always worked that OT) and rarely had time to read the WHOLE paper and drink more than a cup of coffee in the morning!  Now, he is retired and he finally gets to enjoy reading that newspaper front to back and gets to leisurely drink his coffee and have more than 1 cup.  

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this movie, but I LOVE it!  So funny!  Watch and enjoy!  

Since my coffee is almost gone, I guess I should end this post for today and get up and clean up all the toys in the living room!  

Well, now my coffee IS done and the caffeine is kicking in so I better get some cleaning done!  I will leave you with this working song and hope it puts you in the mood to do some cleaning too!  

My friends who work "9 to 5" jobs, have a good day and hope this music gets you moving!  My friends who are SAHM's, I hope this sweet little cleaning song helps motivate you too!  I could do without all the bugs and rodents though!  

1 comment:

  1. As I was sitting here reading this I never stopped laughing!!! Here I am in my sweats, hair up from yesterday, no makeup and no shower yet at 11am. I read it out loud to Chad who says "take a picture of yourself and send it to Bekah". I thought about it for a half second than realized it might just end up on your blog tomorrow!! LOL. You crack me up. I am always up for whatever because anytime we are together there is always something to laugh about (usually yourselves). I have really enjoyed your blog glad you decided to write it. - Steph aka Diva lol