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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow day!!

Well, it has been winter for a few months, but the weather has been so goofy here in the midwest!  We got about 5 inches here yesterday and so the kids took advantage of it since it may be the last, but like I said the weather has been really goofy this year so who really knows.  Peter's school was canceled on Tuesday too so he was itching to go outside.

Peter was supposed to help with shoveling, but it doesn't last long until he gets bored and wants to play and roll around in the snow!  

 Abigail, a 3 year old, did more shoveling than my 9 year old.  How funny is that!  

Getting the snow ready and piled up high for the beginning of the snow fort.

This is how Maison was spending his snow day - INSIDE.  

Maison finally got to play with the house all by himself without Abigail pushing it away or picking it up and taking it to the other side of the room.  I just realized his socks don't match his outfit.  Oh well!!  It was a snow day!!

Well, he snubbed me didn't he?  No more pictures for me I guess!

Here is the finished project that my husband and the kids worked hard on.  They loved the snow fort!  My husband said he could even fit in there!  Yep, he is a pretty good snow fort builder!!  

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