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Monday, February 11, 2013

You ARE what you eat!

You ARE what you eat?  What a way to start a post huh?  I am finding out that it is true!

There is so much controversy these days about vitamins, nutrition, and good health.  There are documents of people telling us what vitamins we should be taking, what we shouldn't be taking, and so on and so on.  I recently found a documentary on Netflix called "Food Matters" and all I can say is WOW!  Does my family eat good food ALL the time?  NO!  Did I just buy 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies?

Yes I did.  So, after watching that video I asked myself why did I do that?  The only reason I can come up with is that it was for a good cause (I am also friends with the Mom whose daughter was selling them to me).  Oh, and the 2nd reason, should have been the 1st reason, is because they are so delicious!
The video helped me realize that I need to slowly find ways to change how my family and I eat.  Kids do not eat healthy on their own, they learn from example and I have NOT been the best example in that area.  What I should start doing is to have more raw veggies and fruit available to them to grab for a snack throughout the day.  I have found that if I already have cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes cleaned, cut up, and ready to eat they are more apt to eat them.  The video actually says that it is true when people say, "You are what you eat!"  

This is just a teaser trailor of the full video, "Food Matters".  I think you can see it on too.    The video talks about vitamins versus medicine.  They are 100% for vitamins and against medicine.  My kids currently take a whole food Vitamin C, chewable fish oil, and a vitamin D3 supplement.  Some may say that they take too many, but according to the video they are fine.

I don't know about you, but I can't just drastically change the way I eat and the way my family eats overnight.  I would like to make changes slowly so it is not such a shock.

The other video I watched is called "Hungry for Change" which is also very informative about what you are putting into your body and the how bad certain ingredients, high fructose corn syrup for example, are for you.

I hope you don't think that by watching these videos I know everything I need to know about being healthy and what the right foods I need to be eating.  The truth is: I AM NOT!  I am the last person that anyone should come to for advice on eating healthy.  Remember I just bought 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!!  Do I know the healthy foods I SHOULD be eating?  Yeah, I have an idea.  Do I choose to eat them?  Well, gosh no!  Are you kidding?  If I did, I would look like a super model, wear a 2 piece, and be able to wear all those cute little summer clothes!  I am a work in progress.

So, with that said.  I hope some or most of you will learn something new from one of these videos AND change the way you eat.

They mentioned something really neat in the 2nd video about dieting and that was:

"I want that, but I CAN'T have it" (what most people say when on a diet)

INSTEAD, say to yourselves:

"I CAN have that, but I don't want it"


  1. Can't wait to check out that video!

  2. Great, pracitcal advice! Thank you, I want it, I can have it, but I don't need it.


    Thanks for linking up with us this week, hope to see you back next week!

  3. Can you email me the brands/and where you get the vitamins? I've heard of this movie and i want to watch the whole thing.