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Monday, May 6, 2013

Let the demo begin...

Ok, so my husband and I decided it was finally time to do some remodeling on our home.  My husband has been helping friends and family with their renovations and is finally able to get to ours!  I am super excited about this, but not so excited at how our house looks presently.  Our kitchen is all a mess, our hallway is down to the plywood, we have the dining room table and chairs in the living room, and everything from the kitchen cabinets is also in the living room.  Yes, it has put our normal routine out of whack, but the final outcome will be amazing!

What are we doing to our home you ask?  Well, we are taking the creamy white carpet up in the living room, hallway, and stairs and putting wood laminate down there.  We are also pulling up the flooring in the kitchen and doing the wood laminate out there as well.  Now, when I say "we" in my post here, I am not trying to make you think that I am doing any of the renovations.  I just want to make that clear right now.  I am not going to take any of the credit.  I am giving it ALL to my wonderful husband!  

Day 1 - ripped up carpet and trim in the hallway.

Day 2 - ripped out the 4 layers of flooring in the kitchen /dining room .
The next step is to pull out the rest of the stuff in the cabinets.  It is also a good time to decide to decide if I want to keep or throw away anything I haven't used or forgot that I had!  The items that get pushed way back in the cabinets and you don't miss them, probably are the items that should just be tossed!

Well, today I have the toughest job of all - deciding on which color I want to paint the cabinets in the kitchen!  Reza doesn't care.  The only things he cares about is that I make the decision soon (TODAY) because the flooring can't go in until we paint!

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