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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The "Animal"

How many parents out there have nicknames for your child(ren)?  Now, I'm not talking about the nicknames like Sue from Susan or Pete from Peter!  I am talking about those nicknames that a child gets because of the way they are!  For instance, I believe I was called 'Wreck-a-Bek' when I was a kid.  Who knows the real meaning of that and I never wanted to find out.  Anyway, nicknames... 

Which will bring me to my story about a certain little boy, name M-A-I-S-O-N or as he's known often around me, the 'Animal'.  Which will be nickname #1 for him.  As you read you will find that he has more than one.  Now, some of you may think that's harsh and if so then you have never raised boys and if you have raised boys, never one like mine.  

Boys are supposed to be more active than girls, yes, that is true.  Let me ask you a question.  Have any of you had to keep a baby gate up at the bathroom door so a little person won't go in there and make a mess of it?  When I say make a mess, I mean destroy.  Nickname #2 - the 'Destroyer'.

We recently went to visit friends of ours that also have a 2 year boy.  When they introduced him to us, they called him the 'BEAST'.  Now, I didn't feel so bad calling ours the 'Animal'.  So, the Animal and the Beast were introduced and it was double the terrible 2's!  A lot of tantrums and a lot of NO's!! 

There have been times when I have had to carry him like a football in the mall just so we could leave.  Do I believe in spanking?  Yes, I am a Mom that spanks.  So, yes, I spanked him in the mall, but nothing was working.  So this brings me to my nickname #3 for Maison and that is 'The Holy Terror'.  

Despite all the ranting I am doing about this little animal of mine, he tends to always bring joy to my heart and makes me laugh.  Although he tells me NO when I try to give him kisses and hugs, he smiles and laughs when I sneak one on his cheek!  Even though he gets an attitude, says NO, and crosses his arms, I can't be mad.  Instead I pray, pray, pray that he will grow out of it very, very, very soon!  His Mommy and Daddy are tired of the little attitude.

As I am writing this, he is fast asleep in his room.  It is peaceful right at this very moment, but soon the 'Animal' will awake and it will start all over again.  Bring it, I am ready!!  

I know this moment will not last forever.  Someday my little Animal will turn into a man and I hope one day he can enjoy a little 'Animal' of his own!!  

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