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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My 1st attempt with leeks!

So, a few days ago I tried another NEW recipe on my family.  Well, only my husband.  My kids are never brave enough for new foods!  I found a recipe for a Creamy Leek and Potato Soup (Betty Crocker)!  So, so delicious!  

 So, how many of you know what a leek looks like?  It just looks like a ginormous green onion!  It has a more mild taste to it though.  They are grown in sand (never knew that) so you have really clean them.

 This is the soup!  Doesn't it look delicious!  My husband was working very hard at trying to get those oyster crackers to stay in the center!  We wanted it to look professional!  What do you think?

 Since I was not going to get my kids to try the soup and I wasn't in the mood to fight them on it, I decided to do chicken noodle soup for them!  No, I didn't make it, Campbells did!  Peter and Abigail had to have oyster crackers in their soup too!

Whenever I make a soup AND if I have time, I use the BEST Christmas present my husband ever bought me (my bread machine) and make some homemade  bread.  So, this time I made some rye bread!  Also delicious!!

When my husband leaves an empty bowl after having seconds, it is a good sign and answers my question, "Should I make this again?"  Well, what do you think an empty bowl says?

1 comment:

  1. Oh YUM!!!! This soup sounds fantastic!!!! I am pumped my aunt is giving me her bread maker she never uses anymore!!!! I'll get it when mom and dad come out for the twins birthday at the beginning of December!!!! Whoohoo!