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Monday, October 22, 2012

Our little night owl!

So, remember my last post about our wonderful accomplishment of getting Maison from the swing to the crib?  Remember how happy I was about it?  Well, it really did happen!  No lie!  How long?  Only about a week?  For some reason the past couple nights he has not been wanting to sleep at all, even in the crib.  My husband and I are getting very exhausted.  One night of little sleep I can handle, but 2 nights without sleep is not good.  

 When I woke up this morning to get Maison he greets me with a smile!  Really?  A smile?  After last nights little stunt you pulled and you smile at me?  I just don't understand how such a sweet little boy could cause so much frustration!  So, as he smiles at me, I slowly (very VERY slowly) forget about last night's party we had til midnight and enjoy his smiles and coos!

So, we tried to tire him out today at the zoo and I gave him a nice warm bath.  He is now sleeping in the...
swing - ASLEEP!  


  1. Aww, sorry you've had some rough nights. Do you get a chance to nap while he sleeps in the swing? My little guy has been sleeping until 6:00 in the morning, but got up at 3:00 this morning. And my daughter got up 2 hours earlier than normal. Must be something in the air!

    Hopefully tonight you all get a good night of sleep!

  2. Oh, how I remember those weary days of having an infant or toddler in the house. :) I'm so glad you are not letting it get you down, but strengthening your love for that little cuddle bug! I mean, how can you stay frustrated with a sweetie pie like him? Great post, Rebekah!

  3. Hi Bekah! I'm a new follower from Monday Meet Up!

    I remember those sleepless nights with a newborn. My prayers are with you! Mommies without sleep are not the happiest people in the world. :o)

    Maison sure is a cutie!!!

  4. Oh man girl!!!! Ouch!! I remember being so desperate with the twins. They didn't sleep through the night until 2 weeks before Julia was born. I completely sympathize with you!!! Praying it gets better!!!

  5. Awww. Hope you get some rest soon!! How odd is it that I miss those days? I would rock & sway & sing & pray & sometimes cry too. Now, they hardly 'need' me at all. He really is a handsome fella. Huge hugs to you!! New follower. We're neighbors at Matrimonial Monday.