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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our little Halloween

Well, Halloween has come and gone and I am just posting about it.  I thought I would also post that Mr.Maison turned 6 months old on the 30th too!  

Right now Maison LOVES his fingers and in the next picture, you can see that he LOVES his toes as well.  I love how limber they are at this age.  If I tried to do that now, get your cameras ready cause it would end up on Funniest Home Videos!  Oh, and you would probably have to call 9-1-1 cause I would be stuck!

 I don't know about any other Moms out there, but I find it SO hard sometimes to get a picture of just my 3 kids!  I have learned to just snap the camera and hope for the best.  I didn't want the puppy in it, but I wasn't in the mood to fight her on it!  We needed to be out the door, like, 10 minutes ago!

Abigail decided to be butterfly, but ended up looking like a ballerina, so we called it a ballerina butterfly!  She liked it and that's all that matters.  Maison went as a Tiger (the same costume that my 9 yr old wore when he was 6 months old), and Peter, well, let's just say I plan on picking out the costumes from now on.  In the picture above, he went as a baseball/basketball player.  

He asked me to surprise him with either a red man morph suit or a Howl at the Moon (werewolf) costume.  Well, having a Halloween carnival at our church I couldn't have him show up in a werewolf costume!  I would probably get all kinds of looks.  So, I ended up getting him the morph suit!  

 We have this wonderful carnival at church for the kids and their families to come to.  I love it for a few reasons - 1) It's inside and warm, 2) the costumes are clean and 3) It's inside and warm.
There is a bounce house, donut eating contests, and many more games that the kids can walk around and do and yes, they still get candy!  

Here, Peter is finally wearing the morph man costume that I paid $30 for!  Money well spent I might add!  He only wore it twice!!  Peter also had his Halloween party at school last week.  This is his "I don't want my picture taken Mom" look.  He is getting pretty at that look!  Abigail always loves going to the parties because she ends up getting snacks too!  

Well, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween, now on to Thanksgiving and the yummy food!!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one that struggles getting good pictures. Your kids are adorable though!

  2. Oh man girl I do the same thing! Snap snap snap away and hope for the best. LOL! Oh and seeing your mom made me miss her!!!! I love Mary Billings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!