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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hit the road FLU and don't you come back no more...

I am so thankful for my friend McKenzie for guest posting on Tuesday.  My family and I were hit really hard with this flu bug so I didn't have time to get anything written down.  Normally, there is always a culprit to these colds and his name is Peter, my 9 year old.  He loves bringing home all those nice germs from school!  Before he touches Maison or Abigail or even has a snack I make him wash his hands.  So, he was not the culprit THIS time.  Guess who it was?  My wonderful husband!!  Yep, the one who NEVER gets what everyone else gets.

So, now that it is a week later and a million tissues later, we are getting back to normal.  Is the house back to normal?  I never said that!  It still has a lot of work to do?  Have I been to the store lately?  Nope, my car hasn't been started for 5 days!  Do I know what we are going to have for dinner?  Nope, planning on winging it so I am sure my family will be looking forward to tonight's wonderful meal!  Is everyone feeling better?  YES and that's all that matters?  So, hopefully this blog will be back to normal soon too and I will have more interesting things to talk about.  

I hope all of you are healthy and staying warm today!

So, here is a song to warm you up!  Enjoy!

And no, I am not in Hawaii, but it doesn't sound half bad right about now!

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