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Monday, February 18, 2013

My Valentine's Day present!

Well, last Thursday was Valentine's Day all around the world!  I am sure people were getting cute homemade cards from their kids, candy, flowers, and other cute little things that says "I love you" from their children.  Well, my 3 year decided that she wasn't going to do what every other child was doing on that special day.  What did she get me?  Have I built up the suspense enough?  Well, she hands me a clump of her hair!!  Yep, you read it right?  A clump of her hair!!  Why??  Who knows.

It was so cute and innocent the way she did it though.  I was putting Maison down for a nap and here she comes out in the living room with her hands behind her back and a smile on her face.  "I have a surprise for you!"  So, as I do every other time she says those words to me, I close my eyes and wait.  "SURPRISE!"  I open my eyes and see a clump of hair in her hands!

Stay calm, stay calm...

"Abigail, what did you do?  This is bad."  I say to her.  She runs off into her room.

When I was finally able to put Maison in his crib for his nap I was able to talk a little louder and let Abigail know how unhappy I was.  I don't know who was more upset her or me?  I think it was me!  She had such beautiful hair!!  Now, she has these flappy things by her ears!  Hair grows back, I know, but I still can't believe she did that!  On the bright side, she didn't give herself bangs!!  

1 comment:

  1. She showed me yesterday. I said dud you get in trouble she just hung her head and said yea. I than told her how Jewell did the same thing and got in trouble too. It doesn't look bad it will grow back. Stephanie