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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peter's new mouth

 Yesterday was a fun day, but if you ask my 9 year old he would disagree!  As you can see by the photos he  was definitely in need of some orthodontist work.  So, as of 10:30 yesterday morning he now has braces!  He did pretty good with it until they hit him with the "bad" news!  

I ask for a smile and this is what I get.  Kind of scary isn't it?  

I think he looks grown up now!

What "bad" news you ask?  Well, he LOVES his popcorn and they told him he could NOT have that!  Now, when I say he LOVES popcorn, I really do mean he LOVES popcorn.  He would have a bowl of it every night if he could and sometimes he does!  There are other foods that he has to stay away from too which is upsetting for him.  He also has to take a little longer brushing his teeth which was a chore before the braces! 

It is so hard for him to understand why he had to have braces because all he thinks about is the food he can't have.  I always joke and tell him that if he doesn't get his teeth fixed I won't be paying for senior pictures!  So, please pray for him that he will get through this minor adjustment in his life.  


  1. Poor Peter! I had braces in college it is no fun! But worth it in the end!

  2. Awe! He's SUCH a cutie pie!!!!