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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abigail is 4!!

I haven't posted anything in awhile.  The weather is slowly getting warm enough to play outside and I was busy planning a 4th birthday party for our Miss Abigail.  It is remarkable how fast they grow up!  Every single day she amazes me so much with what she knows, wants to do, and wants to learn.  

I had to share a picture of Abigail from when she was 2.  She was so cute.  She is still cute, but that chubbiness has gone away and I loved that.  She didn't say "no" or "I can do it myself" yet.  Not like she does now!  

Here she is with her birthday smile and a new pink barrette in her hair.  She actually has a good smile for us!  It doesn't usually happen.  Normally she likes to goofy and stick out her tongue or even cross her eyes!  Yes, I said cross her eyes!  

She loves those fans!  What kid doesn't?

Now you get to see her birthday outfit!  A multi colored tutu with a pink shirt!  I think she even wore the tutu when she went with my husband to pick up the balloons!  It was her birthday!  She can wear whatever, it's her day!  

Aren't big brothers nice?  I wouldn't know because I never had one, but Abigail does and she was loving all of his help.  

So, 1 birthday down and 2 more to go.  Peter's is the 17th and Maison's is the 30th!  Whew!!  

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