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Friday, March 22, 2013

A little update...

I am so sorry for being MIA lately on my blog!  I don't know where the time went!  Anyway, here I am, back and ready to tell you about what I have been up to.  

I recently celebrated my 34th birthday, yes, my 34th!  I am happy about it.  Most days I feel older, but I definitely don't act like it!  I guess that is a good thing.  On one hand my kids make me feel old and then on the other they make me young!  My Mom made my 2 faves which are Ham loaf and for dessert my Creme de Menthe cake!  Yum, yum, and yum!!  

I don't know if it's the creme de menthe liqour that I love or the hot fudge!  

My son is on Spring Break from school and came up to me this morning at 8:30 and told me he was "bored"!  Really?  Mom, if you are reading this, did I ever say that to you?  If I did, I am sorry.  Last night he was able to go to the Iowa NIT basketball game and had so much fun!  He went with his Dad, Grandpa, cousin, and uncle!  So, I guess it was a boy's night.  

I am currently planning Abigail's 4th birthday party.  She wants it to be a Dora theme this year.  So, I was nice and gave the Dora cake pan to my Mom to do.  She always asks why I don't try and do it myself, but I blame it on the fact that I have a shaky hand!  It may not be that shaky, but my Mom would do a MUCH better job than I would!  

My family and I are sick to death of this goofy weather and pray that it starts warming up soon.  Although, I think there is a chance of snow headed our way again!  The zoo has opened up, but it has been too cold to go!

So, that is my little update on what has been going on here.  Have a good weekend everyone and stay warm!

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