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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I DO Love My Kids

Before I tell you about my day, can I just say that I do LOVE LOVE my kids!  Even when I only get one cup of coffee.  Even when I only get one load of laundry done (I just remembered that they are STILL in the dryer waiting for me).  Even though they make you forget the littlest things like getting the clothes out of the dryer.  Even when every time I try to put Mr. Maison down for a nap, Ms. Sassypants decides to make her appearance!  Not a quiet one I might add.  Even when I don't get a shower until 3 in the afternoon, with the constant interruption from my 3 year old playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain!  I LOVE MY KIDS!!

 So, with that said, I love my little man!  I love that this is how he greets me and always wants to see what's going on!  Loves getting kissed on and starts kicking when he gets excited about something.  I love watching him grow into his own little person.  I love that he has certain ticklish spots that he tries to control, but breaks down and starts laughing that baby laugh that I wish I could remember forever!  This is what keeps me going.

 I also love my little lady - princess - of the house!  We call her Ms. Sassypants most of the time.  I love the way she makes me laugh with her serious face.  I love how she is always wanting to help me.  I love her silly dance moves.  I love listening to her tell a story about something that doesn't make sense to me, but to her it makes perfect sense.  I love how she loves to cuddle.  This is what keeps me going.

I love my oldest boy too!  I love how he loves to cuddle too, but NOT in public!  I love watching him play baseball and basketball with so much enthusiasm.  I love his interest in Pokeman cards even though I don't see the point.  I love the fact that even though he is only 9 he believes in God and loves Him.  I love how he has been so helpful with Abigail and Maison.  This is what keeps me going.

So, after I had a day like today where it seemed like I couldn't accomplish one thing and wanted to cry my eyes out more than once, my children make me laugh.  For a split second I forget why I am irritated with my 3 year old and her ability to be slow as molasses when we need to going out the door, and just LAUGH.  Laughter IS the BEST medicine!  Since I have had one of those days, this is how it ended.  Doesn't she look so peaceful?  Yep, I love this look, the best!  Who doesn't??  So, I hope tomorrow is better and I get more accomplished.

1 comment:

  1. Awww that was sweet! Sometimes when I feel like I've had a bad day I remember how much harder it was leaving Anna when she was a baby for work. That and I re-watch Bill Burr "hardest job in the world" on youtube lol. Not one to watch when the kiddies are around but it cracks me up