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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinterest caramel sauce day

What a yummy and delicious day it was today!  I was able to spend the day in my sweats, making a yummy sweet caramel sauce (anybody who knows me, knows that sweets are my weakness and I can't control myself when I am around them), and I got to make it with my great friend Steph!!  She was nice enough to wear sweats too!  Thanks for that!  So, we bummed it together making NOT one but TWO different caramel sauces!  

 We doubled the recipe so there would be enough for both of us!  I couldn't let her keep it all to herself and her family!  I am not that nice when it comes to sweets.  I am a little on the selfish side I do believe!

 Oooohh,  doesn't it look delicious??  Well, it was!  We might have let it boil a little too long on the stove because once we put it on the ice cream it hardened right up, similar to the Shell toppings.  Oh well, it still looks pretty.

   Anyway, so the first caramel sauce (kid tested by the way in case you were wondering) was delicious, yummy, and heavenly!  If it can be all three!  Sure, why not!!  I am the writer here!  Here is the link for this sauce:

So, now on to our 2nd caramel sauce which tasted delicious, yummy, and heavenly.  Unfortunately, it did not look so heavenly!

As you can see by the pictures we let it caramelize a little too long!  It got all clumpy, but we decided NOT to waste all that yummy sugar and butter mixture so we strained the liquid out.  Guess who was lucky enough to take home the clumpy sugar?  Yep, me.  I decided to use it as a topping for ice cream!  Waste not, want not!  Ok, that sounded a little like my grandma, but when it comes to sweets, I will say it!  Here is the link for the 2nd sauce:\

So, Steph and I thought we would make ourselves really good and tally up the calories for the 1st and 2nd sauces.  
The 1st Sauce:
1 cup Corn Syrup - 960 Cal
2 cups Heavy Cream - 1600 Cal
1 1/2 cups Sugar - 1080 Cal
1/2 stick Butter - 560 Cal
1 Cup Brown Sugar - 720 Cal
Comes to a total of = 4920 Calories and 2460/pint jar
So, that's 77 Calories/tablespoon
(I think - I wasn't always good at math, but my calculator was)

The 2nd Sauce:
2 cups Sugar - 1440 Cal
Water - 0 Cal
Comes to a total of = 1440 Cal and 720 Cal/pint jar
So, that's 22.5 Calories/tablespoon
(Again, I think - feel free to correct me if you would like)

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  1. These look great! I love caramel sauce especially in the fall! I'm now following from the Mommy Brain Mixer. Angela @

  2. Great! Thanks! I will start following!