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Monday, October 15, 2012

Who doesn't love Fall?

Let me just say that I love Fall!  It is by far my favorite season!  It is so beautiful out right now.  You can still be outside and throw the ball around, ride bikes, take walks, and much more!  My daughter loves looking out the window at all the trees and seeing them change colors!  This is a picture of the beautiful scenery driving in the car going to my parents' house.  It is our "Tunnel of Trees".  

We did a lot this past weekend.  It was my Mom's ??nd (can't reveal the age).  Let's just say she is 29 and holding too just like ME.  How many years can you still say that?  Anyway, she loved spending time with her grand kids!  They got their faces painted.  Peter went for a more patriotic look.  You can't even see his mouth!  

Isn't it nice?  Yeah, but not so easy to take off though.  My daughter got a butterfly on each cheek.  She kept looking in the mirror at herself while the lady was putting it on her!  Can I just point out how sweet and innocent she looks here!  

We also went to a pumpkin patch and the kids got to pick their own pumpkins out!  

We will carve them soon and I will have pix of those!  It was such a nice weekend!  If anyone spent the weekend inside, I hope they had a darn good reason!  


  1. arrgh I'm so jealous! It's still so hot here so i'm holding out for more appropriate weather to go pumpkin patchin haha

  2. Aww, I love fall so much too! There's so much to do and I love the weather and the leaves! I wish we could have this for a few more months before the cold winter comes!