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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exercising - YUCK!!

It has been pretty depressing here.  Just when I thought I was losing that baby weight, I am gaining it back.  Well, to me it seems that way.  It just takes me forever to lose it!  I am nursing ALL the time which was helping.  I am eating ALL the right foods (veggies, fruits, milk, Hershey's bars, ice cream, etc).  Oh wait, whoops, well, maybe I am not eating ALL the right stuff.  I will be honest with you, I do NOT have the best self control when it comes to sweets!  I can't just have ONE or TWO, I will end up having three or four!  I wish that the taste of all sweets was disgusting to me!  Unfortunately I am cursed with a palate that welcomes and encourages sweets and finds them rather tasty, satisfying, and heavenly!!  Now, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh and New Year's Eve (the best appetizers are always there), and then there will be Easter (which will have MORE food), it will be a never ending battle to lose the rest of this baby weight!  Then, before I know it bikini season will be here and I am NOT ready!  AAAAHHHH!  Let me just say that I try to balance my bad eating habits with a fruit smoothie or a salad or something!  I call it "balancing it out".  What would you call it?  It makes me feel better, but can I still get into those really good looking pre-pregnancy jeans?  Um, nope!  

So, my friend and I have I made the following deal:  


Well, that's a good rule because in this day in age Facebook is a way for most of us to keep in touch.  So, it was a good incentive.  I had to dust my treadmill off yesterday morning and see if it still worked!  It's funny how something like NO FACEBOOK UNTIL... can get a person moving.  Why is that?  Am I that focused on other people's lives to let go of mine?  Well, sadly enough, yes.  I AM a SAHM, my life belongs to my kids, my house, and my husband!  Don't judge me!


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  2. Will you be trying Insanity with Reza? :) I think I'd break a sweat just watching the DVD!

  3. Girl I swear I THINK i'm that girl back at 21 all the time but then i look in the mirror! I was working out like 2 hours a day back then too! DOH! I want that body back...BUT keep my um..."wisdom" too?

  4. Great post - HAH! No Facebook until... :-)

    Because I spend most of the day working at a computer, I'm using a Pomodoro concept with a timer: 25 minutes of work then 5 minutes of activity. If I work 8-hours, then that's 1-hour of exercise during the day.