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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maison taste testing homemade oatmeal!!

I haven't posted a blog in three days!  I had no idea it was that long!  I am sorry friends!  Anyway, I plan to tell you my experience with making homemade oatmeal for 7 month old Maison!

 To start making homemade oatmeal, you have to use the good oats, NOT the quick oats, so luckily we had this on hand.

Just in case none of you have seen what the steel cut oats look like, I posted a picture.  Definitely a lot different than the quick oats and they are packed with more nutrition.  It only takes a 1/4 cup of the steel cut oats to get the same nutrients in a 1/2 cup of quick cooking oats.  Just a quick fact for ya!

After you grind up the oats, this is how powdery it should be.

 Add 1/2 cup water and let it come to a boil.

Add 2 Tablespoons of the ground up steel cut oats.  Stir for 30 seconds while it is still boiling.

Reduce heat to low, cover, and stir frequently.

When you are all done, this is what it should look like.  I added a little banana to add a little flavor and a little breast milk to thin it out.  Now comes the fun part - taste testing it on Maison....  drum...roll...please......

 Here it goes...  He doesn't look too excited about it at this point does he?  Yes, I even made airplane sounds to make it more appealing.

Well, as you can see by the picture, he liked the spoon better than the homemade "better for you" oatmeal that his Mommy made for him.  

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