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Monday, January 28, 2013

Just another Saturday...

Well, Saturday was supposed to be a girl's day for Abigail and me.  What were we planning on doing you ask?  Well, nothing too exciting, grocery shopping and out to lunch WITH Mommy!  I know what you are probably thinking?  I am spending quality time with my daughter and I decide to take her to the store with me?  Well, yes!  There are 3 reasons why I plan on using Mommy and Me time to go to the store:

1 - My cupboards and fridge are empty!  Nothing for lunches.  Nothing for dinners.  Nothing for snacks!  It's an awful site!!
2 - We are supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow and MORE rain on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!  Today - it is sunny and dry - we are going!
3 - And the most important - she LOVES to go!  She is excited to go with me.  Isn't that the most important?  I think yes! 

Right now I can get away with these cheaper girl's day outs! 

So, I laid Maison down for a nap around 12:30 and my relief (my husband) had not made it home yet.  He decided to go to the office for a couple hours, which turned to 3 or more.  On top of that, Peter called from his Dad's and said that he wasn't feeling good and wanted to come home.  Well, I certainly was not ready for that clincher in my day!  Ok, so when Peter told me Friday that his head hurt and that he thought he was getting tonsillitis, I probably should have taken it into consideration, but I didn't think anything of it.  I just told him to call if he got worse so he could come home.  What kid would possibly know that he has tonsillitis?  Mine does apparently!  I did have him open his mouth for me so I could check (not being a nurse, I wasn't sure what I was looking for), but since he just had a peanut butter sandwich I didn't see much, but peanut butter and bread!  Nothing gross about that, being a Mom, I have seen much worse!!

If you are wondering, Abigail and I finally got to have our little girls' day at the grocery store and a late lunch.  She slept really good Saturday night.

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